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Custom Technical Documentation - requirements documentation, prototypes, wireframes - application development services

Why "Waste" Money on Technical Documentation?

Ask anyone who has built a house from the ground up why they "wasted" money on an architect. Undoubtedly you won't be surprised at their answer.

Without the roadmap that solid documentation provides, projects often get sidetracked and mired in misunderstanding, revisions, and missed opportunities - financially decimating your capital expense budget.

Technical Documentation includes:

  • Functional Requirements Documentation
  • Technical Specifications
  • Help Documentation for Users, Developers, Architects and Business Units
  • Online Tutorials
  • Training Manuals
  • User Guides
  • And More

Clearly documenting your plans for any development project, including existing technical structures and applications, requires someone with years of experience. Documentation is the backbone of successful project design, development and deployment.

Functional Requirements Documentation

We work with you up front to determine exactly how your custom application or website will function – down to the last little button. Our writers are experienced in both small and very large business operations and can help you ensure that your custom business solution is designed to be process efficient and user friendly.

We provide you with an interactive prototype of your website or application, so you can actually move through pages, click buttons, and get a real feel for the flow. This allows you to make adjustments to the details of your plan before development even begins, saving the cost and time loss of multiple change requests later in the process.

Technical Specifications

Once the functional requirements are documented and approved by you, we supplement the FRD with the behind-the-scenes technical specifications, tables, and instructions that the developers need to bring your project to a successful conclusion.

Note: We can work with you to develop FRD and Technical Specs documentation that you can use to request bids from multiple developers. The details in our documentation will help developers give you highly accurate prices. We just ask that you include us in the bidding process!

Help Documentation for Users, Developers, Architects and Business Units

Once your application is finalized, we can create your help documentation files. Whether your application is for resale or internal use, its users will benefit from our easy-to-use-and-navigate help files. If you have a current application in use that’s missing this critical element, let us develop it for you.

Online Tutorials

If anyone is going to use your application other than yourself, you will want to make sure you have the very best online user tutorials possible. That starts with using a team willing to become intimately familiar with your application and fully capable of building compelling and educational tutorials.

Training Manuals

Sometimes your application and business processes need more than just online help documentation or self-driven tutorials. Sometimes you need to be able to engage a classroom of students and in doing so you need a well-written training manual. We have years of experience doing so - both with applications written by us and with applications written by other teams.

User Guides

User guides are an additional enhancement to your online documentation and training manuals and give your users a reference tool for a multitude of situations - including times they aren't working within your application.

And More

If it is documentation, we have likely done it and with 20 years of experience you will not find a better team to bring this facet of your needs to fruition.